Simple Map Plotting Utility

This utility allows the plotting of Google maps with included proportional markers, based on a file accessible through an URL (e.g. a Dropbox share link).

File Formats:

  • tab-delimited text file (no quotes) or .xls
  • fixed column order/content:

Michael Baudis, UZH Zurich Switzerland 47.37 8.55 5
Life Sciences Zurich Graduate SchoolZurichSwitzerland478307</td
Germany 51 10 217
Italy 44 11 75
Walter White Albuquerque United States 35 -106 2

Example (using defaults):

General Structure:


Parameters to modify the plot:

  • locfile= ...
    • table (see above) with the loc data
  • locscale=5
    • factor to modify the size of the circle markers
    • a value of 0 (or a negative number) suppresses the marker
    • no circle markers will be displayed if none of the count values is >1
  • mapwidth=794
    • width of the map, in pixels
  • mapheight=480
    • height of map, in pixels

Example with parameters:

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